Commercial fridge disposal

We can collect your old, unwanted, commercial fridge or freezer. Whatever the condition, every day we collect from medical establishments, supermarkets, petrol stations, restaurants, offices and schools.

We also collect on behalf of waste brokers and other waste management companies.

We can collect fridges on a pallet or loose, one unit to over a 100, the same day or in the future and from inside or outside your premises. We also have flexible collection times so we can collect day or night, through the week or on a weekend.

At each collection we will provide a Hazardous Waste Consignment Note.

Domestic fridge disposal

We can collect your old, smelly, unwanted fridge or freezer. We can take this from inside your property or outside.

We will supply a Waste Transfer Note with every collection. Our uniformed teams all carry shoe covers so no need to worry about a dirty carpet either!

What happens after we collect your fridge?

After we have collected your fridge we will decide if your fridge can be re-used or recycled.

If it can be re-used it may be given to charity where it will be cleaned up and sold on to help those in need.

If your old fridge can’t be re-used we will arrange for it to be recycled in accordance with the WEEE Directive 2007*.

To arrange a fridge disposal call 0113 8921028 or contact us!